Crypto Space Braced-Up With Top 100 Coins Above $1B MC


    Crypto Space gained most attention and inclination as most of the assets attain mainstream adoption.

    The lesser known crypto assets with a smaller market cap spiked notably with the most dominant crypto Bitcoin alone registering more than $1 Trillion.

    As the crypto space is swelling day by day, they may also outshine the traditional financial system sometime in future

The crypto space in recent times attracted many strong hands with a huge influx of liquidity exhibiting the growing strength. The price of Bitcoin trading above $50,000 for nearly a month is a huge example of intensifying crypto adoption.

Moreover, the cryptos were in a grey area and the exchanges under constant scanner in many parts of the world. However, due to record breaking volume, popular exchanges like Coinbase and now Kraken announced to go public in 2022.

Despite being highly volatile, the top 100 coins, have managed to hit the market capitalization above $1 billion each. Alone bitcoin holds the market cap above $1 trillion, securing the first place without any near competition. The market cap of the crypto space is currently at its peak an inch close to surpass $2 trillion milestone.

crypto mc

Interestingly, the current bull run is expected to last for more than 6 months and hence the price of most of the cryptos may rally high. The predictions for Bitcoin price is expected to skyrocket more than $100K  and more over Ethereum is expected to hit $10K this year. 

Moreover, Coinpedia lists the predictions of some of the top performing crypto assets one can consider before investing. With altcoin gaining traction, many speculate the Altcoin Season is just underway. Therefore, many altcoins surging with double digit margin, the market cap will swell to a larger extent. And hence crypto space giving tough competition for the traditional financial system in coming days.

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