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New Crypto Income Stream for Redditors and Twitter users via Brave Browser

Brave browser developed by Brave Software Inc is enabling twitter and Reddit posters to monetize their posts.

Brave browser, a free and open-source pay-to-surf web browser developed by Brave Software Inc is enabling twitter and Reddit posters to monetize their posts. The browser gained popularity when it initialized a system of paying website publishers, YouTube stars and video game streamers directly. The same monetization system is coming to Twitter and Reddit too.

Earning Cryptocurrency from Your Twitter and Reddit Posts

Brave has developed a monetization system where its users of Reddit and Twitter could earn money from their post. Users can enable the payment system that will trigger the Brave basic attention token (BAT). Therefore, to be sent to them should a reader finds their post on twitter or reddit worth a tip.

According to the model, after liking a post on tweeter an option is available to give some BAT to the Tweeter and optionally tweet about the sent tip. The tipping mechanism will be available both on Twitter and Reddit social media sites. This payment system, however, mostly benefits individuals with many followers on the two social media networks.

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The Brave attention Token is current a small but rapidly growing cryptocurrency with a potential increase in value in the near future given the amount of effort brave is putting to make it popular. There are currently more than 20,000 verified publishers who earn BAT tokens from the brave system. Some other 13,500, 5300 and 1100 users earn BAT from youtube, websites and video game streaming respectively

Is Brave Leaping to the New Age of Online Advertising?

Brave browser is changing the face of online advertising by changing the core payment system models. However which is used in the online advertising industry. Brave pays users for viewing ads placed through its platform and won’t display any ads unless users want to see them. Users who opt to view brave ads are paid in Brave native tokens BAT. All behind the scene transaction ledgers on the BAT ecosystem is handled by blockchain.

With the development of micropayment systems especially their deployment in social media networks, BAT could become a valuable token in a short while. Other services like Steemit also offers the system of payment although all of these services are still undergoing Beta testing, data already shows they can be sustainable.

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