Crypto Flashback 2018 – What’s In Store For The Cryptocurrency Market in 2019

Cryptocurrency industry experienced an all time low in 2018. Experts say 2019 is the year as predictions are pointing towards a favorable experience for bitcoin and virtual currencies in general.


The cryptocurrency industry experienced an all time low in 2018, though most experts predicted a bull run, the industry was in a bear crypto market throughout. However, experts are saying 2019 is the year we’ve been waiting for as predictions are pointing towards a favorable experience for bitcoin and virtual currencies in general.


Flash Back

2018 was not a very good year for Bitcoin and the crypto market at large. When compared to Bitcoin all time high in December 2017, Jan 2018 marked the beginning of bitcoin troubles. At the end of 2018, Bitcoin dropped more than 82%. The entire crypto industry experienced a bear market with almost all virtual currency negatively affected.

Despite all kinds of expert predictions, 2018 will be known as the year where crypto market went south and ICOs went extinct. It may also appear as the year, where stablecoins shine. Whether stablecoins will continue to dominate the crypto market in 2019, it is something we unsure of but it would depend largely on how conventional crypto assets perform.

Crypto Markets Expectations – 2019

2019, seems to be the year we’ve all been waiting for, with several crypto expert predicting a bull run for the crypto market. For Bitcoin, we are expecting a large influx of investors into their space and better favorable regulations globally.

The foremost event that will occur in 2019 is Bakkt. Bakkt will be offering a Bitcoin futures market. It is a platform for institutional investors and was created by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Using the Bakkt platform, investors will receive real bitcoin. This could have a significant positive effect on the price of the virtual currency and also on its circulating supply.

Another major event crypto investors should be looking forward to in 2019 is in relation to the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund. It is expected that an ETF could be given approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as early as February 27, 2019. If this happens, bitcoin would most likely experience buying pressure on its price.

Following the inception of the Mimblewimble-powered Grin and Beam, 2019 may appear as the most private year for cryptocurrencies. With the last few years stripping off the anonymity, cryptocurrency is popularly applicable for the creation of privacy tools.

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