Crypto Asset Firm Launches Investable Index for Top 30 Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Asset Management is launching out a new product referred as CAMCrypto30. The fund manager counts among the world’s most tenured fund manager, with the aim to accelerate emerging asset class mainstream they’ve set to launch a new product.

CAMCrypto30 – Crypto Asset Management

CAMCrypto30 is intended to visualize the 30 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Furthermore, new and investible share class has also been announced for the fun where it tracks the listed cryptocurrencies in the index.

This product proved to be a good source towards discussion/debate on cryptocurrency market if successful.  Moreover, it would serve as a reference to equity index which is a key point for investors to better track the performance of cryptocurrency related asset classes in their portfolios.

Investors with new share class (which is an Index tracking products) will obtain broader exposure to an asset class while diversifying their affluence within it.

The reason behind CAMCrypto30 is resembling the FTSE00 and Russell 2000 indices which are prejudiced by market cap.

Enneking told CoinDesk:

“We’ve used those two indices as our model because they are the closest to what seems to be appropriate in the crypto space. Not only is there no real index – there is certainly no investable index.”

Unbox the product

he CAMCrypto30 has its own website ( which everyone will have access to. In order to track its data, an embeddable widget has also been made visual for third party website. (Most importantly, instead of rebalancing the index quarterly, it will be rebalanced monthly which track fast moving cryptocurrency era)

Investors under this fund manager can participate in three diverse fund classes. Each class under which provide exposure to various types of investment.

  • The new index-tracking I-Class integrate with remaining two cryptocurrency fund classes
  • L-Class is designed to create revelation towards short-term lending rates
  • T-Class is a trading class

Two open ended funds issue these funds: a U.S based master fund structured as Delaware LLC and a Cayman Islands-based feeder fund. The US based fund is referred to as Crypto Assest Management LLC which is subject to a $25000 minimum investment.

All Class-I shares, tracks CAMCrypto30 which has set to 2.5% on committed funds. Though there is no fee charged on returns because tracking the index does not involve any discretionary management here.

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