Crypterium Hires Another Visa Executive as Ex-CEO Exits

Cryptocurrency startup firm crypterium hired another Visa executive as CEO after parting ways with former CEO. Steven Parker- is an Ex-CEO at Visa recently announced as a new CEO of Crypterium.

Crypterium Snatches Another Visa Executive

The crypto startup crypterium announced Steven Parker former CEO at Visa its new CEO. The company has a legacy in previous Visa employees following their previous CEO Marc O’Brien who worked six years at Visa UK. Crypterium provides a mobile app that converts cryptocurrencies into fiat money to facilitate daily crypto transactions. The Estonia based company, Crypterium which raised $52 million through an ICO in 2017 allows users to pay in crypto with ease.

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The New CEO Steven Parker worked for Visa from 2006 to 2013 and will succeed former CEO Marc O’Brien who spent six years at Visa. During his time at Visa Steven served as head of marketing, products, and innovation. Served as general manager of central and Eastern Europe with a primary focus on Russia at Visa.

Steven has a rich Portfolio with over 27 years of experience gained while working in financial services and held various managerial positions. He worked at the top positions in both FinTech and the Banking Sector. His previous roles included advising some leading banks, telecoms, and other services companies on data marketing and risk-based customer engagement.

Crypterium Hires Another Visa Executive

A possible integration of Cryptocurrency and Banks

Crypterium founders are an assortment of businessmen who hope to partner with Visa or MasterCard to launch crypto virtual cards. The cards would allow users to pay for services in online stores, pay bills or send money across borders within seconds. The company plans to link cards to apple pay, Samsung pay or google pay.

The firm believes that these platforms would bind with their cryptocurrency accounts to enable payments at any NFC terminals. These payments would be affected by scanning QR codes or doing an online transaction. Crypterium chief operation officer and co-founder Austin Kimm, while welcoming steven at the cryptocurrency company said,

“Steven is a proven leader with strong expertise in multinational businesses. His vast experience in the global financial industry will strengthen our company’s position and be a great asset as Crypterium expands its global presence,” added Crypterium COO and co-founder Austin Kimm.

While commenting on his appointment as the CEO at Crypterium, Steven Parker mentioned that the cryptocurrency market is an exciting one at the moment. He said he believes it is going through a very interesting time coming out of a speculative environment and maturing. He said this will allow serious players to continue to build attractive customer propositions.

We witnessed the successes Mr. Parker achieved while at Visa. However, we are yet to see his contribution to the crypto space in the coming months.

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