CRO Token Surges Up To 20% After Listing On Indodax Exchange

At present, according to the coinmarketcap analysis, the epic pump has increased (CRO) market cap over $200 million which has made it to rank in 83rd position.

At the time of writing, the price of the coin has increased up to 20% holding $3.54 trading price with marketcap value of $55,873,289.

Basically, is a developing payments platform that aims to maximize crypto adoption through multiple payment channels including Visa cards. It claims to provide zero fees and touts itself as the best platform to purchase crypto. Additionally, there is also a crypto wallet with cash back features and a Visa card powered by the MCO token.

CRO price chart

According to CEO Kris Marszalek;

“The MCO Visa card now offers best cashback terms of any card in the market, along with perks that match the lifestyle of our community. We’ve received hugely positive feedback from our customers in Singapore. We are looking forward to shipping the cards in the US, Europe and other key markets. The product is irresistible whether you’re a hardcore cryptocurrency fanatic or someone who is just learning about it.”

Recently, the pay system went live which has started the run of its native ERC-20 CRO token. It had more than 400,000 app downloads and over 125,000 MCO Visa card registrations worldwide.

Adding to the list, has been listed on the Indodax exchange which taps into a potentially massive new fiat market.

Overall, considering all things one can assume that, this listing has no doubt provided a huge increase for CRO.

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CRO Token Surges Upto 20% After Listing On Indodax Exchange
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CRO Token Surges Upto 20% After Listing On Indodax Exchange
The CRO price surges upto 20% after being listed on Indodax Exchange. Stay tuned for more details on price.
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