NewsPrice Chain Likely To Gain Bullish Momentum

It seems that Chain enjoying Green days. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.0636 with a major push of 38.31%. Moreover, In terms of market cap and positioning, CRO coin is now at 29th position with a market cap $216,514,959.

Basically, Chain is a blockchain project which provides instant crypto transactions. The crazy escalate pushed the project’s market valuation from a modest range to above $200 million.

“Indonesia is a vibrant market with over 260 million people. We look forward to developing closer ties with both Indodax and the Yoshugi Media Group as we seek to serve our customers in the rapidly growing ASEAN market. We see Pay driving the adoption of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and CRO token as the ultimate way to settle cross-currency payments instantly and inexpensively,” – said Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of

Recently, Chain went on to an exchange listing spree. The project announced today that Indodax will provide CRO-enabled trading pairs on its platform from March 14. In addition, Chain is in  partnership with an Indonesia-based dropship e-commerce company Yoshugi Media Group. This partnership aims at local adoption for CRO as the token replaces expensive payment methods with its blockchain enabled services.

Considering all the things, we may assume that this partnership pushed the coin up by a relatively significant value. While the chart is still looking hyped, it is possible that CRO would find decent support in the near future.

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Summary Chain Price Analysis- CRO May Gain Bullish Momentum
Article Name Chain Price Analysis- CRO May Gain Bullish Momentum
A sudden increase in the CRO coin price has seen a lot of changes in the crypto market. Stay tuned for updates on chain price analysis.
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