Country’s first cryptocurrency ATM installed by Malta Entrepreneur

The cryptocurrency ATM has first installed by a Malta entrepreneur which has occurred after local media report. A start-up had launched a crowd funding movement to finance the country’s first Bitcoin ATM.

First cryptocurrency ATM

Gabriel Cretu Torica, local Malta entrepreneur installed the country’s first cryptocurrency ATM.  However, the workstation has installed out store in Sliema and makes easy purchases of Bitcoin and checks balances via QR codes.

The advantages of Bitcoin and the speed of cryptocurrency ATM was also diligent by Mr. Torica telling that, “ID verification for online exchanges which can consumes whole 24hours”. Furthermore, it is belief of Mr. Torica that Bitcoin ATM will instigate superior acceptance of Bitcoin in Malta. He said, “Many people are still suspicious of Bitcoin… I’m sure this will change over time as people realize the benefits”.

Ivaj, Bitcoin cryptocurrency and a start-up sponsorship group supporting Bitcoin espousal all the way through Malta. That has already stated a crowd funding movement seeking to heave finances for the purchase and installation of the island first cryptocurrency ATM. Although, the crowdfunding campaign tends to increase $6000 along with installation plan of second Bitcoin ATM. If at all movement falls short Ivaj co-founder, Leon Siegmund has undertaking to provide the enduring requisite funds. When Mr.Torica heard about the crowdfunding campaign which made him to prompt contact for local press and also stated his Bitcoin ATM that already been purchased.

Malta’s government has resolute on attracting cryptocurrency investment from Business

In the embracement of Bitcoin which has expressed its interest in Malta’s central government with the cabinet of Malta approving the first draft for a national strategy. It is to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across that nation during April.

The government of Malta’s mainly focused upon attracting cryptocurrency related businesses to register on their shores. Nonetheless, Few government agencies participated in a conference hosted by PKF Malta the week that bring a professionals together to representing a cross section of the market ranging from start-up success stories to crowdfunding, blockchain and Bitcoin. The meeting was emphasized by speakers from Silicon Valley and spectators include of legislatures from Malta’s business and academic sectors.

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