ConsenSys Adds 16 Ethereum Blockchain Games To Its Listing

Recently, ConsenSys Media spoke about the ways non-fungible tokens are transforming and revolutionizing the business of online gaming industry.


Today, each person working in latest aspects and industry are aware of what is Blockchain and moreover about its potential to revolutionize the overall gaming industry via using the Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs.

Meanwhile, a company following its footsteps, ConsenSys media recently outlines 16 live NFT operating games which clients and users can play just for fun earning some money while playing. Now, this project will bring before you Entertainment + Earning + Games + Fun and much more.

Blockchain Revolutionizing Gaming

ConsenSys believes the blockchain community seems really busy in discussing and developing network upgrades, adoption, and scalability, whereas; blockchain backing games are silently offering early proof regarding blockchain tech to revolutionize the industry.

No-Fungible tokens are described as ERC-721 tokens specifically on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike fungible ERC-20 tokens, these tokens do not hold equivalent value as that of other similar tokens.

1 ETH = Another ETH, however, it is not the same case with NFTs.

The games use these ERC-721 tokens. Also, ConsenSys claims that using NFTs on Ethereum one amongst their team members wins $600 within just three hours.

NFT Running Blockchain Games

Meanwhile, ConsenSys decides to offer a complete list of various games. These games run by using NFTs, drives in new, unique tokens to purchase, sell, and trade directly on Ethereum.

Category 1:

The platform listed distinct categories within games right from “Collectible and Trading Games”.

One such name includes CryptoKitties, which is the well-known Ethereum game letting clients and users purchase, breed and trade their unique digital cats.

The next name is Etheremon game which let the players capture, train as well as sell unique creatures which are named as Mons.

Third in the list is PlasmaBears, similar to the games where unique digital bears can be created, sold as well as traded | sent on any adventures for discovering various wearable assets.

Next game is 0X Universe which let the players establish a spaceship, colonizing new planets, explore the galaxy, and lastly sell their resources.

Category 2:

“Battling Games” which consist of games like Chibi Fighters, in which players come together to battle; trade digital warriors and then can collect weapons.

Hyperdragons is the next battling games, here; users can breed and train digital dragons. On the other hand, MyCryptoHeroes supports the players to let them collect, train and fight along with their historical figures.

Some more well-renowned games within this category are Blockchain Cuties, Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, World of Ether, etc.

Category 3:

“Strategy Games” is a category which consists of games such as Decentraland. This seems a VR world, in which players have access to a plot of land to create, develop and trade assets.

Next game is CryptoAssault, here; users command an army within a 3D world. Meanwhile, CryptoBaseball guides users play baseball along with the help of tokens which indicates as real baseball players incorporating real-world performances.

Category 4:

ConsenSys list the last category as “Artwork Trading”. Here in this section NFTs are also made in use within artwork trading applications such as SuperRare and CryptoSketches to purchase, trade, and sell unique digital art.

What is your take on this addition of 16 Ethereum Blockchain Games? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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