Comedian Jim Jefferies Reveals his Bitcoin Holdings Humorously


Discussing topics with humor goes well sometimes. Important and hard to understand topics can be easily made understandable to the common man with Jokes!! 

The same plan was enacted by a famous Australian Stand-up Comedian Jim Jefferies in his latest podcast,’I Don’t Know About that’. Jim Jefferies becomes the second most loved comedian in the crypto industry following Bill Burr who recently showed interest in Bitcoin. 

Jim Jefferies Bitcoin Holding is Bigger than that of Elon Musk

In one of his latest episodes, Jefferies revealed his Bitcoin investment which came out to be four times as much as Elon Musk. While Billionaire Elon Musk holds 0.25BTC, Jim is little rich withholding one whole bitcoin. Interestingly, Jim also points out that he was slightly more informed about cryptocurrency than his comedy team as his team typically selects the topic, the comedian has little or no knowledge.

The episode revealed Jefferies Bitcoin Holding. Talking to a cryptocurrency expert, Kiana Danial, Jim said “ I have one bitcoin. I bought it as a bit of a laugh just on the Robinhood app just to see what this crypto is all about.”

As he had not transferred the token to his wallet, Danial said those $9612 worth Bitcoin are not owned by him. She said, “not your keys, not your Bitcoin”.

An Entertaining Piece of Crypto-Discussion

During the podcast, Jim was accompanied by another podcaster Marty Bent with 2 other people discussing the crypto concepts with Kiana Danial. The podcast was both entertaining and informative with crypto and blockchain topics discussed within a comic opera. 

That being said, the comedian also discussed Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Jim cracks a joke on Satoshi’s identity, adding “Everyone knows who he is — two Michelin stars, best tuna in town.”. Interestingly, his view on cold storage of cryptocurrency made everyone laugh. He hilariously said that; 

“I’m going to buy some bitcoins, and I’m gonna put my wallet in the fridge.”

Can Anyone Talk About Emerging Topics in a Funny Way?

YES, of course, any topic can be added humor to make it easy to understand. It does also generate interest for the non-followers. Just look at the list of jokes on bitcoin and blockchain published by Coinpedia with the reasoning and use-cases. 

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In a nutshell, we can say that bitcoin and blockchain are becoming the center point for players across different industries. Now that celebrities are discussing bitcoin and blockchain publicly, we may possibly see the greater awareness and adoption. 

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