Comcast Ventures is speculating on blockchain technologies

Gil Beyda, Managing director of Comcast Ventures. The investment arm of the world’s largest media & telecom companies said, “In 2018 we’re doubling down on blockchain”.

Beyda insists, for the venture capital arm of Comcast, an investment in blockchain is not opportunistic. he said,

“In order to understand clearly, if the value of Bitcoin were at $15 instead of $15,000 we would still committing to this,” he said.

Comcast Ventures looking at New blockchain Technology

Comcast Ventures have been following the new blockchain technology from many days, directed by NBCUniversal.  Comcast Ventures enduring importance in applications across numerous business units of the company.

Absolutely, various internal experiments are previously processed over boost advertising by Disney & Cox Communications. These private analysis will be used to inspect the data sets beyond disclosing consumer data.

Several research are initiated based on apps falls under the royalty, energy & tracking, Managing director says.

Further, he added

“A lot of folks are trying to figure out how do you apply this consensus-driven immutable decentralized infrastructure and decentralized distributed applications. We have real-world applications inside Comcast where folks are trying to solve real-world problems with blockchain.”

Recently, the company has already declared a commitment to MState Growth Lab, an accelerator program focused on blockchain startups financed by IBM, Galvanize, an accelerator, bootcamp &  investment fund.

MState co-founder and CEO Rob Bailey said:

“In 2018, we will see a growing number of enterprise blockchain use cases go mainstream from healthcare applications to government, supply chain and retail to the real estate and transportation industries. But for most of these use cases to succeed, blockchain startups need to be able to engage well with enterprise customers. Our growth lab is going to help make that happen”.

Bailey is CEO of MState program, It will be controlled with backing from the associates at Boldstart Ventures.

Beyda also states that Comcast Ventures is even looking whether to hold tokens or cryptocurrency itself.

A few other entertainment firms have already experienced the value in blockchain startups. Last year, Spotify obtained the evolving blockchain technology developer MediaChain in order to solve its music attribution problem.

He said

“As part of our move into blockchain technologies, we understand it’s going to disrupt many different types of businesses and it may even disrupt traditional venture businesses, and we want to get in there and understand that. Irrespective of what’s happening in cryptocurrency we think that this technology — like database technology and internet technology were transformational — this technology will also have a high area of growth and adoption,”

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