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Coinsbank Redefines European Blockchain Week, September 2018

The event, European Blockchain Week, CoinsBank organized a cruise ship with a carrying capacity of 2000 guests is scheduled for September 7, 2018.

The European Blockchain Conference as it is the case with any other tech conference is showcased with people in suits and booths selling ideas and agenda regarding technology and cryptocurrency. However, this year’s event scheduled for September 7, 2018, will have a different face, according to organizers. Prepare to witness a cruise ship experience on the island of Ibiza. It is amongst hundreds of like-minded people in blockchain in a relaxing atmosphere.

Redefining the European Blockchain Week

Hundreds of blockchain conferences and events are conducted yearly across the globe with the aim of harmonizing the blockchain community and improving innovation. During such events, major issues on the blockchain are in the list of discussion and a possible solution proposed.

Afterward, a consensus mechanism is enacting to activate the best solution for the detected vice. European Blockchain Week is among the major blockchain event will be annually.

The face of the European blockchain week will recreate come September 7-13 2018. Organizers of the event revealed that the conference would be different from the usual tech conference. The theme for this year’s event is sharing, creativity and community.

However, the traditional suit and booth type of venue will also be available during the event. But organizers re-imagined a creativity-sharing environment for the conference. The aim of this event is to promote creativity, community, and expression to increase blockchain’s adoption and potential worldwide.

Blockchain’s Original Ideology: Giving, Caring and Creativity

Cryptocurrency billionaire and Bitcoin foundation chairperson, Brock Pierce compare the European Blockchain week with the American Traditional event. The Burning man event celebrated in the Nevada desert annually emphasizes radical inclusion, communal effort, civic responsibility, participation, and giving.
Married at a Burning man Event Pierce a former child actor lives in Puerto Rico and is active on the global blockchain scene.

Brock Pierce Commented;

“This is an opportunity to be a trillionaire—someone who is positively impacting a trillion living things on this planet”.

Futurama, one of the organizers of the European blockchain Week, also conducted a very successful summit in Dubai in May this year. While commenting on the Dubai conference Pierce said,

“Dubai was the best event I’ve seen in the space. First-time events always have tons of room for improvement so the second edition should be out of this world”.

In this year’s European Blockchain week, CoinsBank organized a cruise ship with a carrying capacity of 2000 guests. The cruise is from September 7-11, touring the cities of Barcelona, Monte Carlo and passing via France, Italy and finally Ibiza island. Therefore a full day deck pool party will be in list. Organizers of the blockchain week reveals that the entire Cruise ship is reserved solely for the event.

While on board the cruise ship, CoinsBanks presents the guest with some of the most notable cryptocurrency experts as speakers during the Cruise. Among individuals on the list are; Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin), Bobby Lee (co-founder of BTCC), John McAfee (CEO of MGT Capital Investments).

Brock Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation), Jimmy Song (venture partner at Blockchain Capital LLC), Roger Ver (CEO of, Tone Vays (blockchain consultant and researcher), Miko Matsumura (co-founder at Evercoin exchange and general partner at Gumi Ventures). Also, Sally Eaves (CTO and blockchain global strategy advisor at Forbes Technology)

Events such as the EU blockchain week are very essential in presenting blockchain in the front of governments and showcasing its capabilities and potential application. The ecosystem also grows from the interaction and partnership companies develop during the event.

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