Coinone Exchange – Sudden Rise Of 82% in Last 24hrs

Coinone, the South Korean based crypto exchange recently saw a growth of 82.48% change in the last 24 hrs. According to Coinmarketcap, Coinone ranks 67 and the 24h volume is $13,190,444.

Last month the global exchange subsidiary and provider of BTC market of Coinone, ‘CGEX’ announced its public listing of Cosmos ATOM token to take place in March.

On 12th March, the exchange listed Cosmos and offered ATOM/KRW and ATOM/BTC trading. Cosmos is an ecosystem for scalability and interoperability between other blockchains.

ATOMs are to pay for transaction fees on the main Cosmos hub. They also need to participate in the consensus process. Validators stake ATOMs to earn both block rewards and transaction fees.

To be a validator, you should lock the ATOMs with sufficient ATOMs in order to be on the top 100 of the highest staked balances in the network. The verifier is bound for staking the owned or assigned ATOM and verifying the transaction and adding blocks.

This listing of Cosmos ATOMs, have a great effect on the Coinone. This is one of the reasons why users prefer it, especially Korean users, which resulted 82% growth for the last 24hrs. Coinone is looking forward to many updates this year.

What do you feel about Coinone Listing of Cosmos ATOM? Let us know, share your thoughts and views on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Coinone Exchange Analysis- Sudden Growth Of 82% In 24 Hours
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Coinone Exchange Analysis- Sudden Growth Of 82% In 24 Hours
Coinone Exchange saw a sudden increase of 82% in last 24 hours.What was the reason for this sudden growth in the CoinOne Exchange.
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