Coinmarketcap Celebrates 7th anniversary with Roast on twitter!

  • The Tweet has the Cruelest twitter thread of Crypto
  • Changpeng Zao Joins the roast thread.

On 1st May 2020, Coinmarketcap, the first crypto data site celebrated its 7th year anniversary in a unique way anyone ever did. 

They shared a Tweet on 1st May to mark their 7th Birthday and celebrate the occasion, the tweet meant to hold a roasting event where the invite was sent to its users and a display of poetic skills was expected to be seen.

 The roasting event mainly focused on roasting Coinmarketcap from a different dimension and with a hashtag #RoastCMC

They Justified the roast as : 

The website announced that due to the current situation of the globe, people everywhere are celebrating lowkey quarantine birthdays virtually on various applications. 

So, they decided to celebrate the ‘big day’ by sharing with its users their achievements for the year and mentioned that this year, their biggest achievement was their accession by Binance Capital Management.

CMC and its roasting history

The site, even though famous and one of the tops, is famous for being slammed by its users especially for the report of trading volumes of crypto exchanges that were fake. 

Last year, in September 2019, the company was highlighted after on its site, BTC dropped to zero due to an unusual glitch.

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How did the users respond?

Many industrialists of the crypto world actually showed interest and became a part of the roasting session and were seen having fun and enjoying the occasion.

In one such roast, the tweet posted by the company was questioned “You’re a data company?” by Messari’s founder Ryan Selkis.

CZ and his jokes about Bitcoin Rivalry

Changpeng Zao a.k.a CZ the CEO of Binance boldly took part in the roasting session held by CMC. The #roastchallenge which was held by the website in order to mark their 7th birthday saw many participants and one of them was CZ.

What did CZ say?

Zao replied to the roast tweets saying:


CMC should have removed all scam projects, as deemed by anyone on crypto twitter, including #bitcoin because Peter Schiff doesn’t like it. CMC should also fix all inaccurate exchange data, and remove all wrong info from the internet.

Come on, it’s been almost a month! “

Even though Bitcoin is at the top, it is still counted as a fraud by many of its critics and that includes permabear Peter Schiff. 

Twitter thread with sarcasm level 100

However, CZ was not the only one who came up with such a savage roast. Many crypto companies and industrialists gave the opportunity a shot. 

While Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron was roasted apparently for his fondness for avocados, Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO  was roasted for using BTC as his safe haven especially as he took pride in being the former CEO of “Dogecoin”.

Other mockings included Coindesk- the crypto media outlet which was roasted for having a virtual Consensus conference and Cointelegraph writers were called “content recreates” and blamed for not being able to come up with their own content.

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