Coinbase Talking to Possess Bitcoin Startup Earn.Com

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency trading platform is intending to purchase, online money making platform, formerly called as

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Introduction to the Famous Crypto Actors: Coinbase & Earn.Com


Launched in the year 2012, Coinbase is one of the notable and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, it serves over 10 million customers, spanning across 32 countries including the US. Coinbase offers a handy platform, allowing users to buy and sell digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.  It also offers a mobile application for both Android and IOS for the user convenience. provides a platform to make money online by replying to emails and completing several tasks. It is functional on any smartphone, in many countries, with no need for a bank account.  Just a year ago, hit high on the crypto radar. Presently, they have approximately 500,000 users and increasing fast.

Late last year, rebranded to with the launch of its eponymous paid message platform.

Coinbase talks on

According to the sources, Coinbase, the San Francisco startup has raised more than $225 million from its venture funding. Surprisingly, the startup is planning to purchase, rebranded last year from

As the following conversation, sources with knowledge conclude the different price estimation. One of the sources claims that $30 million could be the selling price of the Another source, who is directly associating with the discussions says that the sum of the value of cash, cryptocurrency, stock, and earn-out will surpass $120 million.

Hence, it says that the company is still in the process of talks with multiple parties regarding a potential acquisition.

The news follows the announcement in March that Coinbase had hired Emilie Choi, who did nearly 40 deals at Linkedin as their head of mergers and acquisitions for 8 years, as its vice president of business and corporate development.

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