“Innovator of the Year” For Using Blockchain Tech- Central New Mexico College

Recently, the CNM Community College was given a name- “Innovator of the Year” as it has been a trailblazer with respect to the use of blockchain technology.

“Innovator of the Year” For Using Blockchain Technology

There is one leading news publisher in the fields of education- Education Dive: Higher Ed. They assign the name to CNM “Innovator of the Year” as an in charge to use and dive blockchain technology. Moreover, they were helping to issue digital diplomas for the career of students.

Back in August, CNM prepares digital diplomas available to every graduate belonging to the college. The college believes that accessing digital credentials, students will have no worries about dropping their paper certificate.

CNM has more plans rather than digital diplomas. Recently, the school also launches a pilot program letting students earn micro-credentials. This will be on behalf of their skills supplementing knowledge acquired from the degree as well as certificate programs. Also, CNM states,

For example, students who demonstrate they learn ‘soft skills’ such as problem-solving, oral communication or intercultural fluency will receive digital badges that records on the blockchain, along with their diplomas and transcripts.

Moreover, in 2018, CNM acquires grant funding for blockchain development from the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. It includes, developing blockchain services available to government authorities and training blockchain coding instructors.

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