Cloak Phone with luxury of privacy to be launched by John McAfee’s Team

John McAfee made official announcement on twitter that his ultimate private smart phone: Cloak Phone’s application accesses are now available.

The crypto supporter and entrepreneur, John McAfee whose work makes continues headlines in the crypto world. Recently, he was pointed in the news for cancelling his appearance at an event due to some death threats.

At present, McAfee is back with his new the Cloak Phone and app developed by team and a Blackout Mobile. The new smartphone aims to provide the ‘luxury of privacy’ to all users.

Moreover, the sign up for the Cloak Phone’s early access online is available at But still, the phone is not schedule to launch until quarter two of next year.

Cloak Phone: Features

Privacy is the main purpose of the new Cloak Phone and McAfee’s new top to down project. Noticeably, the website shows that the existing high end smartphones all high end smartphones have failed to take care of user privacy. On the other hand, Cloak Phone holds the end-to-end encryption including encrypted internal storage, secure boot and brand new Fortress OS.

In addition, the new phone uses blockchain technology with Ethereum Casper to improve security of device. Therefore, the network uses zero-transaction cost coins and blockchain based license management to enhance security.

Specifically, the new smartphone is also embedded with an impressive feature called GDPR, the data storage requisites from the EU. It requires;

“Be processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organizational measures”.

Does John McAfee own Cloak Phone???

Not exactly, but since launch, McAfee’s name has been in news to the Cloak Phone. Instead the new phone is the product of Blackout Mobile wherein McAfee’s team didn’t directly manufacture. The website claims that the device was ‘inspired by John McAfee’. Originally the main Cloak Phone office is headquartered in Jericho, New York. At present, it seems to be interesting to see how successful the Cloak Phone remains in long run.

Image Source: John McAfee

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