Chinese Expert, Zhao Says Recent Bitcoin Rally Is Overhyped- But Still Bullish

BTC To Be In Between $4,000 – $6,000

Zhao Dong, one of the top Chinese Bitcoin expert, has expressed in Weibo about the current state of the ongoing incomplete market. Zhao was firm about BTC’s rising growth last week. As the price exceeded $5,000 for the first time since November, but it doesn’t mean that the bear market is over.

Zhao explains that, Bitcoin will trade within a tight range, $4,000- $6,000, for a few months. He said that while there is little doubt to have lower lows, this market will remain static for half a year, but we can see a upturn in October.


The chief executive of Civic, Vinny Lingham, has said earlier this week that the ongoing growth for BTC might not survive. Lingham came to a simple fact: that altcoins, or various crypto assets which blockchain entrepreneur calls them, have yet to disassociate from the price of Bitcoin, the father of digital assets. This, he tells because still the cryptocurrencies together remain somewhat immature, which means there is still a need for further development, whether that is through range trading or a fresh low.

Zhao On Upcoming Highs

Zhao and the other experts in btc believe that fresh all-time highs for Bitcoin is not in its short-term reach, but he sees a bright future for the cryptocurrency. He had also claimed in one of the article that now is the best time to stack up BTC, as the general public has ignored this industry like the plague in recent months. In a post to EWN, He says:

For the moment, the next wave of more promising ones will come from ashes, making 2019 as the best time and also the worst time for both investors and entrepreneurs.

And atlast, he said that once crypto summer is back, BTC could easily expand to $50,000, especially as the reducing boosts the market across the board.

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