According To The Chinese Blockchain Rankings, EOS Tops The List

The government promoted ranking system by China places EOS at the head of pack and Bitcoin as the fifteen positions.

A press release was released on January 24, 2019; China revealed another set of iteration regarding the government promoted the ranking system. This is specifically for top digital currencies and blockchain.

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Despite EOS holds the fifth-ranking according to the market capitalization, trading with a value of $2.2 billion. This crypto is still trying to hold the top position in blockchain appraisal presented by the China Center. This is  for Information and Industry Development aka CCID.

From the very start, the Chinese government seems anti-cryptocurrency sided, issuing many severe crackdowns regarding the use of digital coins investments. According to this ranking, EOS ranks at the top 1 from the last blockchain evaluating iteration. Bitcoin has a market cap twenty-eight times that of EOS ranks 15 positions in blockchain appraisal.

Talking about the third-ranking crypto in market cap following XRP, Ethereum holds the second highest distinction rating in blockchain by the government organization. Meanwhile, XRP is on the 20th spot. Ethereum position is constant right from December.

XRP is available on the lower half of the pack; this report was just after Ripple driving the XRP coin, made an announcement about blockchain scholarship joining the Institute for Fintech Research (IFR) at Tsinghua University.

There is new scholarship looking to broach up a partnership, bringing top Chinese students to rehearse and study global blockchain development and regulations. This seems a move which might show broader implications within the cryptocurrency industry.

On the other side, the EOS network provides a significant amount of power serving its subset of arbitrators. This is the system leading a currency’s decentralization. As an answer to the controversy, the CTO at EOS, Daniel Larimer specifies in an interview that EOS offers an alternative viewpoint with regards the decentralization prioritizing the cryptocurrency industry,

Decentralization isn’t what we’re after…What we’re after is anti-censorship and robustness against being shut down.

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