EOS Tops China’s Odd Cryptocurrency Ranking List

China’s Centre for Information Industry Development (CCID) has posted the fifth iteration of ranking list of cryptocurrencies on 20th September.

The crypto ranking update as seen below, ranks EOS at the first place, followed by Ethereum, Bitshares and ranking Bitcoin at 16th place. EOS has held its place since the last publications and so has Ethereum. However, Bitshares has escalated to 3rd rank from 12th rank.

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China’s Centre for Information Industry Development (CCID) 5th ranking

In the first iteration of the publication, Ethereum took the first place and Bitcoin was ranked in 13th place. And in the second iteration, EOS beat Ethereum while Bitcoin fell down to 17th place. In the third iteration, EOS and Ethereum stayed at the same spots, while Bitcoin managed to go a spot up to the 16th rank.

Criteria For Ranking

All of the lists may seem out of place, but Dr. Songtau Pu, head of the organization explained by saying that the ranking is done purely in technical point of view by analyzing the blockchain and not based on how well the cryptocurrency is doing.

In general, the ranking is based on three categories, basic technology used, applicability and creativity and innovation.

CCID says, In terms of innovation sub-indicators, Bitcoin’s recent code update is very active, with a score of 40.3, expanding its lead… Compared with the previous index, the top five most innovative coins are EOS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hcash, and Stratis.

The report also states that Basic technology mainly assesses a technical level of the already existing public chain. The assessment includes functions, performance, safety, and decentralization. The basic technology has a weight of 65% in the comprehensive assessment.


From all the quotes and rankings by CCID, it’s clear that the organization doesn’t view cryptos as an asset. They believe it as an extension of Blockchain Technology itself.

The Chinese trade policies on cryptocurrencies are very stringent but blockchain technology, however, is welcomed with open arms. Most people disagree with this list and are already complaining at the internet.

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