China’s Baidu to Debut Cryptodoggis Amidst Cryptokitties Mobile App

After the launch of CryptoKitties, China’s search giant, Baidu is moving ahead with CryptoDogs. Unlike Ethereum for CryptoKitties, CryptoDogs is integrating with Achain.


China is set to breed CryptoDogs instead of CryptoKitties.

According to technode, Baidu’s new project CryptoDogs is still in beta version. However, it is similar to CryptoKitty, an online Pokemon-like game to play with virtual cats. Unlike in case of CryptoKitties where Ethereum technology is employed, CryptoDogs is built on another blockchain platform, called Achain.

Every purchase is recorded on the blockchain technology amidst integrating a unique set of genes. CryptoDoggy has eight special attributes including ordinary, remarkable, epic, unusual, mythological and legendary (as translated from technode). These characters brand the project a unique virtual doggy.

The search engine allows users to earn special credit points by using Baidu’s products. These points can be stored and spent through its own wallet to purchase CryptoDogs. Nonetheless, it doesn’t involve any monetary transfers. Report further claims that these points will not serve any other function.

CryptoKitties – Going live on Mobile soon

Founders of CryptoKitties is focusing on a mobile app for the game on iOS in China and Singapore. The app will go live on Mobile in coming Feb.16, following Lunar New Year.

Cryptokitties Mobile App

CryptoKittes lets players fun with virtual cats. They buy, rear, breed and sell virtual cats. Notably, the firm assemble the $19 million worth of ETH (spending more than $19million trading cartoon kittens built on Eth network)
In terms of Chinese language, the app reads 迷恋猫” (mi lian mao), “Cat Obsession” as translated roughly. If break down, the word 迷恋 home phone for “密链” which means “encrypted chain for blockchain. Moreover, the app will also be available for countries worldwide.

For the first year of launch, CryptoKitties will add a new “Gen O” cat that will be integrated into the game every 15 minutes. As stated by Giang

all the new cats released during the holiday season will have Chinese backstories. Those will include three special kinds of crypto kitties known as “fancy cats”—including one wearing a lion-dance costume—and an exclusive cat that resembles a golden dragon.

Acquiring more than 250000 active players, these Kitties are accessible via its website only which requires MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet.

Ethereum is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency is gaining huge popularity from the crypto world. CryptoKitties platform is appealing to Ethereum miners through its game platform. In this regard, Mr. Giang appreciates the traffic his website is getting.

“With the case of more crypto collectables and crypto games, it’s going to drive a lot more traffic to ethereum, and more attention outside the spectrum of people who are investors and traders to maybe your mom and dad who want to play the games. I think it’s ultimately a good thing for any blockchain,” he says.

Baidu, Google of China is more to explore in Blockchain Technology

As an addition to the search engine, Baidu’s interest towards blockchain technology is remarkable. It has launched a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and Hyperleger’s global blockchain in January and October 2017 respectively.

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