China Zombie is a serious company with serious goals – Says John McAfee


One of the Popular crypto influencer and libertarian U.S. Presidential John McAfee seems to have stuck into another conflict with Zombie coin, and they are now demanding $100 million in compensation.

A Chinese venture that allegedly awarded John McAfee a sum of $4.5 million in order to successfully promote an Initial License Offering (ILO) linked to the zombie token now wish to sue John. The South China Zombie Research Center believe that the revered crypto-enthusiast violated the terms of the original deal.

On September 6th, The South China Zombie Research Center threatened McAfee to sue the influencer for $100 million.

According to the platform, John has violated the terms which he initially agreed. The firm claims that McAfee has disparaged them in the white paper which he has partially written and published. The SCZRC claims that McAfee has not delivered on his obligations. Consequently, he has been accused of endangering the human race as the world is now presumably less prepared for a Zombie invasion.

John McAfee’s Response to Zombie coin

Further, responding to the tweet, john said that the allegations by the zombie coin project were simply a misunderstanding. It was caused by his client’s failure to grasp the ‘nuanced humor’ contained in the white paper he wrote.

He further added that the zombie coin idea could only have been conceived by a “mentally deficient four years old”.

Meanwhile, According to the reports of CCN on Sep 6th, McAfee said that this is a huge misunderstanding. He insists that he’s not trivializing China Zombie’s research. During the discussion, McAfee told CCN that it is a serious company with serious goals. Moreover, he says he regrets “this misunderstanding and hopes this issue can be resolved.”

He also explained that he was just making fun of the SEC’s ludicrous involvement in cryptocurrencies by writing the only Disclaimer Section that could possibly meet their requirements. McAfee claims that he never meant to disparage China Zombie. In fact, he praised them for doing profound research into chemically-induced Zombieism.

Additionally, McAfee claims their research has “uncovered bad actors in multiple countries who are attempting to use advanced research chemicals to potentially destabilize entire cultures.”

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