China is Experimenting in the Blockchain Space and Cryptocurrency with NEO

Last week, there was a partnership agreement in China with NEO Cryptocurrency. It was Antshares which had gone through a rebrand. The main intention was to tie up with the smart-contracts and world assets more likely to the Ethereum.


Presently, NEO market is “Ethereum of China”. NEO’s main vision is to create and tying up with the real-world assets as to become digitized. Eventually, each asset will be represented digitally and tied into a smart economy. This version includes immediately automating things like payments.

However, there are few things to consider in the dimension when you start using the automated payments. Mainly, there will be hurdles and roadblocks in the creation of a true smart economy places like China. It is the security and delegation issues with the government involved.

Blockchain to mainstream use in China

China can be ahead of them if this experiment will succeed, that could do an interesting and wonderful thing for the industry. It would make every thing exciting times for the industry if NEO flourishes in getting blockchain directly into mainstream use in China.

In the recent meeting at Microsoft’s headquarters in Beijing in which this news was first surfaced. It says that NEO is the talk of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. NEO also recently partnered with Bancor, Nest Fund, Agrello, and Coindash.

This makes a whole country’s government support cryptocurrency and blockchain platform which could make up to some exciting times further.

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