News Enables Crypto Payments

The popular online gaming platform recently announced that it will soon accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

Advertisement Miners Garden being one of the popular gaming site holds the 577 Alexa ranking. The website attracted more than 1 million users to the website.

According to sources, one of the moderators of the Reddit forum r/btc (Beijing Bitcoins) had convinced the owner of to accept bitcoin cash for subscriptions. Thus, on popular demand,’s owner Erik Allebest, has now decided to accept bitcoin cash (BCH) and BTC using Bitpay.

Recently, Allebest posted on his Reddit account, upon opening gates for crypto payments.

Previously, the website already tried to implement crypto payment on their subscriptions. But, their partnership with Coinbase, turned unsuccessful which led the website to stop accepting cryptos.

On this, the CEO- Erik of the company had the following to say-

“As for why we stopped originally – it is because Coinbase deprecated their payment links, and volumes had shrunken a lot anyway after BTC value correction. Anyway, I remain a hopeful believer.”

At present, the website is in partnership with Bitcoin cash. The BCH community is attempting to kick-start the fire for crypto adoption and keenly believe that it is the best ways to spread mass adoption.

What is your opinion on accepting Crypto payments? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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