A Group of Hackers, Sports Stars and Technologists Are Changing the Face of Celebrity-Fan Engagement


Whereas the traditional NFT industry primarily focuses on digital artwork and collectibles, there is much more potential to unlock. Olyseum approaches this industry through xNFTs and unlocking next-level fan engagement. With the backing of a group of hackers, sports stars, and technologists, the project is worth keeping an eye on. 

A Different Kind of Fan Engagement

It is crucial for celebrities, athletes, and influencers to connect with fans in this modern and digital age. Doing so digitally is one way of approaching the narrative, although it doesn’t have to end there. With the help of innovative technologies and concepts, there is a way to boost overall fan engagement to new levels. Olyseum acknowledges the potential that lies ahead and bravely blazes a trail in that direction.

When people think of fan engagement, there are usually photos, autographs, or even small chats involved. All of these experiences are vital and can last a lifetime. However, one can also enhance them by creating exclusive interactions between a star and their fans. As such experiences cannot be made available to everyone, innovative technologies come to the forefront.

Olyseum elverages xNFTs, or experiential NFTs that provide an extra layer of value. These are not digital artworks or collectibles. Instead, they provide access to live experience and engagement monetization between stars and fans. The word “exclusive” can be taken broadly, as these xNFTs by Olyseum will introduce unprecedented levels of fan-star interactions and experiences. 

Meet The Olyseum Team

What makes Olyseum stand out even more is its team of founders and advisors. Founded by computer scientist and neuro-scientist Carlos Grenoir and Kevin Mitnick, Olyseum quickly enlisted the help of former FC Barcelona stars like De Le Peña, Puyol, and Iniesta. With the help of renowned hacker and technologist Kevin Mitnick – who handles security for the project – they have created an infrastructure that will turn traditional fan-star experiences on its head. 

Other team members and lead investors include Qtum founder Patrick Dai, BuyVIP co-founder Geral Heydenreich, Kenetic Capital Founder Jehan Chu, NEM Foundation co-founder Albert Castellana, etc. It is a very diverse group of people with experience in banking, marketing, corporate, legal, and blockchain. Together, this group of individuals have created an ecosystem that caters to xNFT collectors, users looking to earn rewards, and those seeking access to exclusive auctions. 

In the end, creating engagement is not just about material paraphernalia. It is all about creating unique experiences and collectibles to commemorate such events. Fan engagement is entering the digital age one way or another. Platforms like Olyseum fuel and foster that transition and offer boundless opportunities for stars and their fans alike. Being able to win in-person interactions with global icons and superstars is a gamechanger. 

Closing Thoughts

There are many ways to give meaning to the fan engagement concept. Empowering both stars and fans alike is the ultimate objective. With the help of blockchain technology and xNFTs, that process has come one step closer to being realized. Everything in life needs to enter the next stage of development and focus on the social angle rather than the material one.

If there is one key takeaway from the year 2020, it is how meaningful social connections and interactions are to every one of us. Humans cannot function without those activities. Thanks to Olyseum and its diverse team, there are now new opportunities to explore to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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