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ChainX(PCX), the Largest Layer-2 Network of Bitcoin


    ChainX token surged nearly 8% to touch close to $3 in the past 24 hours

    ChainX launched the upgraded version ChainX 2.0 with the Brand new Whitepaper

    The token is looked upon as the winner of the upcoming bull rally in 2021 and compared with gold

ChainX just launched its official website and also the whitepaper is available online. With an official announcement, ChainX revealed the Brand new whitepaper. The network has adopted the BTC economic model with PoS, and will be a layer2 derivative platform, enabling multi-chain crossings.


ChainX is currently the world’s largest Bitcoin Layer2 network which is making efforts for the new ecosystem of Bitcoin. It is an application platform for Bitcoin that aims to bring Bitcoin to Ethereum-like functions including DeFi, stablecoin, DApp and other applications.

It intends to use the development experience in the Substrate field to graft a new smart contract to Bitcoin to realize the new functions of Bitcoin. With the development of the BTC smart contract ecosystem, ChainX aims to build a web 3.0 era upon the digital gold bitcoin.

ChainX(PCX) Price Analysis

chainX price chart

ChainX incepted with a pretty good price and volume in mid of 2019. But unfortunately, the price and volume dipped and trended at the lower levels until the mid of 2020s. The asset formed its all-time high in the month of August 2020 by touching $9.6 but yet again plunged heavily below $3 within no time.

After trending in a very narrow range in between $2.6 to $2.7, the asset has surged significantly to touch very close to $3.

At the press time, the PCX price stands at $2.9 with a jump of 4 percent in the last 24 hours. The price is expected to touch its all-time high and also it might surpass it during the much-awaited altcoin season 2021.

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