Announcing CFD trading for Bitcoin by Roboforex

Recently, an international brokerage firm joins the Bitcoin ecosystem. Roboforex added Bitcoin CFD trading on their platform. This implies for clients to have indirect exposure and speculates n shorts and gains of bitcoin. The brokerage firm also adds Ethereum to their available trading pairs.

Evolution of Bitcoin has restored Traders and Investors

Most of them do not have direct knowledge of bitcoin and many prefer to trade via CFDs. Recently, Roboforex brokerage firm steps into cryptocurrency world. With fact that over last 8 months, bitcoin has nearly tripled in price. However, this led the Roboforex director to enable Bitcoin and Ethereum trading.

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Denis Golomedov, Roboforex marketing director explains,

“We’ve decided to enable cryptocurrencies for CFDs trading in the first place because of the keen interest of traders from all over the world to these assets. From now on, our clients will be able to derive profit from the fast growing cryptocurrency market without having to buy them. Roboforex offers one of the most favorable trading conditions for transactions involving digital currencies for both traders and investors. In the nearest future, we’re planning to continue developing in this direction. Fundamentally, to improve our offers by adding new instruments and making trading conditions better”.

Mass Crypto Trading in the Marketplace

The press release of Roboforex’s reason for the surge of brokerage interest in crypt was majorly the daily turnover of bitcoin transactions. Since, the daily turnover of Bitcoin USD turnover volume is presently worth about 3 billion USD.

Nowadays, there is a lot of excitement and publicity for growing investor interest for cryptocurrency, capital and mainstream adoption. Significantly, this means to be a sustainable invasion of new firms implementing bitcoin as the currency sees more mainstream adoption, albeit via indirect exposure trading.

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