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Bitcoin Cash Wallet Centbee Announces Open Alpha Version

Perviously, Centbee also made an announcement that open alpha is now available on the Google Play Store for its Johannesburg-based Bitcoin Cash wallet. This open alpha version uses TESTNET coins to help user implement it out without the real BCH.

The Johannesburg-based wallet is slightly different from various light clients. It offers a simpler user interface, with plans for in-wallet trading feature, and merchant payments service as well.

The Release of the Open Alpha Version

There are several Bitcoin Cash wallets to store, trade and exchange BCH. Centbee is one among the firm looking to explore each corner in the cryptocurrency space. The platform has been designing its application for quite a time, and now the firm has taken another initiative towards economic advancement.

The wallet’s creators have released the open alpha version, however, they want the user to test the released version so that they work on the received feedback and improve the software accordingly.

Centbee said on its official website

“We’re making Centbee the easiest way to store, spend and send Bitcoin cash safely on your mobile phone and we know our fans can’t wait to download it, play around with it and let us know what you think!”

The demo application utilization is really easy; just download the app from the Google Play Store. Then install the app and send an email to the recipient address “”. To get free TESNET coins, add the subject “Buzz me!” Once you receive Bitcoin Cash in your Centbee wallet, you can give it a try. They give an option to send your feedback via the survey, so you can help them improve the quality as well.

The Centbee team is working with Nchain by building a merchant Point-of-Sale (PoS) software development kit (SDK) for the overall market. In Hong Kong, during the Coingeek conference, the platform stated that SDK is a set of “open-source tools, interfaces, and processes that software developers with system integrators can use to make retailers easily and quickly accept Bitcoin Cash at the moment.”      

What’s New in the Open Alpha Version?

The open alpha version seems to be user-friendly according to the Centbee official website. They have inherited the following array of features and specifications:

  • Send and Receive Home screen buttons:

This gives you convenient access to send/receive Bitcoin Cash incorporated with the new home screen buttons.

  • Cancel Payment:

You can cancel payment to anyone in your contacts list if they have not accepted or declined the payment.

  • Tap to switch currency:

Just tap your Bitcoin Cash balance from your home screen to take in your chosen currency.

Centbee also mentions that they have also optimized their interface and fixed some reported bugs. Now the user will only see their platform’s latest version.

The Co-founder of Centbee, Lorien Gamaroff stated that: “Centbee is trying to make it easy for people to use Bitcoin Cash.” He added “What we are trying to do is to make the experience very much like using [BCH] in existing social media app like WhatsApp or Twitter because we think that people are used to those apps, and if the bitcoin experience is exactly the same is that then the adoption will grow a lot more.”

Have you used the Centbee wallet before? What did you think about this open alpha version feature? Lets discuss on Twitter

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