CENNZnet Now Offsets Carbon Emissions with CarbonClick


Blockchain project CENNZnet recently announced that the key functionalities of CarbonClick, a consumer-focused climate and sustainability project, have been fully integrated into the CENNZnet network. A hackathon was recently completed to lay the groundwork for this network update and CarbonClick’s fully functional product now allows buyers to purchase carbon credits representing real sequestration of carbon emissions. 


CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse emphasized the ease of use of the CENNZnet network and the benefits that it will bring to users by saying “CENNZnet is the most user-friendly and accessible network on the market. Launching our product here has been seamless and we’re sure it will guarantee the best of user experiences for all the people who are looking to use CarbonClick to help save the environment.” 

Using verified data from actual carbon sequestration projects, CarbonClick mints tokens using NFT technology and distributes them into the platform’s native CO2 tokens. Users can then buy and sell those tokens or withdraw them by sending them to a Sequester Wallet. Helpful user guides and walkthroughs explaining how these solutions work on the blockchain have been developed by the team. 

Available for both businesses as well as individuals, CarbonClick allows you to build a climate-friendly team, shop climate-friendly products, and participate in voluntary flight offsetting. All offsets are real, quantified, transparent, and permanent. 

The CENNZnet team minted 5,000 NZD worth of CO2 tokens to support the initiative. These tokens will be available to users on-chain. The project itself is also carbon negative since it purchased enough verifiable credits to offset its historical and predicted impact carbon footprint. The status of CENNZnet’s carbon emissions can be tracked in real-time a 

According to CENNZnet CEO Nicole Upchurch, “Making carbon offsetting something easy and accessible for users and developers who build on our network is something we’re very excited about. The work CarbonClick is doing is a great leap forward in terms of environmental protection and something that aligns with our overall vision of supporting Dapps with a purpose.” 

Another significant benefit of the new system is that it will bring seamless and easy participation in carbon offsetting and positive climate change easier by allowing decentralized applications built on CENNZnet to access the network’s on-chain carbon credits. This will pave the way to a cohesive ecosystem of systems, applications, and partners all working toward the same climate goals.

About CarbonClick

CarbonClick empowers businesses and their customers to tackle climate change, by making carbon offsets simple, trustworthy, and cost-effective. Our solution can be integrated into businesses with minimal effort, at a fraction of the time and cost otherwise possible.

About CENNZnet 

CENNZnet is a public blockchain and Decentralised Application platform that puts great user experience first and is part of the Centrality ecosystem. It supplies startups with the tools and resources that they will need to build a blockchain DApp including wallet, identity, exchange, messaging.

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