Celebrities and Financial achievers considering in on Bitcoin

Nowadays, financial achievers and several celebrities are weighing on bitcoin aspect. At the same time, some are expectant but uncertain while others believe that decentralized currency is a better system than fiat or gold.

Mark Cuban changing his tone about bitcoin

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is changing his accent on bitcoin aspect after boycotting in the past. Meanwhile, Cuban started razzing bitcoin enthusiasts and told the decentralized currency was in a bubble.

The investment tycoon. Mark Cuban states,

“If you’re a true adventurer and you really want to throw the Hail Mary, you might take 10 percent [of your savings] and put it in bitcoin or ethereum — But, if you do that, you’ve got to pretend you’ve already lost your money”.

Tony Robbins says about bitcoin

Additionally, Tony Robbins spoke positively about Bitcoin. But he has his uncertainties about cryptocurrency and likens the investment to winning big or losing hard.

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Robbins explains,

“I look at [Bitcoin investment] like going to Vegas — As with gambling, you should only bet discretionary funds. Then a win is a big bonus, and a loss won’t hurt you financially. I know it is just for fun that I’m investing, I know I could lose, this is Vegas”.

Steve Wozniak Apple Co-Founder: ‘Bitcoin is Mathematical — It is More Legitimate Than Other Systems’

Recently, Steve Wozniak Apple Co-Founder said, at this year’s Money 20/20 event that bitcoin is much better than precious metals like gold. He told CNBC that bitcoin is a mathematical concept and as a mathematician, he finds bitcoin is better than gold and fiat currencies.

Wozniak explains how bitcoin things are different at this year’s Las Vegas event, stating:

“There is a certain finite amount of bitcoin that can ever exist — And gold continues to get mined and mined and mined. Maybe there’s a finite amount of gold in the world — But Bitcoin is even more mathematical and regulated and nobody can change mathematics”.

This year, Bitcoin extensively becoming a trending topic.  And so, finance tycoons and celebrities are considering the technology in great number.

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