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Chainlink V/S Cardano – Which Alt Hit at $10 Billion Market Cap First?


    Chainlink outperformed other major altcoins with massive bull rally whereas Cardano nevertheless did not enjoy a major uptrend but still has a pretty big community.

    Cardano is expected to reach the $10 billion market cap

    Chainlink FUD yet again made round by the same firm, but now a level higher than before.

Chainlink having the most bullish chart in the crypto space currently is at 12th place with 2.7 billion market cap whereas Cardano is in a much stronger position, placed at 8th place with 3.6 billion market cap.

In the race between the two to reach $10 billion, Cardano had already reached and also surpassed the $10 billion mark to hit a $30 billion market cap back in 2017.

However, it fell down miserably within a couple of months. This was possibly due to a smart contract bubble that led to a pump and dump with the digital asset.

cardano chart

On the other hand, Chainlink in the first half of July 2020, had entered the top 10 list, surpassing BNB and LTC also but again slipped down to 12th position at the time of record. This token has the most consistent and bullish chart, henceforth is one of the safe assets to invest in terms of price stability. 


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Will Cardano Reach $10 Billlion Market Cap First?

The digital asset having maximum coins in the circulating supply has the least risk of getting price diluted. As the large influx of coins in the market can lead to the decline of the price.

Therefore considering this information, initially, we divide $10 billion with the total market cap of the digital asset. We get the approximate price, the digital asset needs to hit to touch the $10 billion market cap.

Following the calculation, Cardano needs to hit $0.32 whereas Chainlink must point at $26. Currently, at the time of reporting this, Cardano’s price is $0.14 and Chainlink at $7.84.

Hence to reach to the target, Cardano requires nearly 130 percent increase in price but Chainlink has to surge over 250 percent.

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Chainlink coming out as one of the trusted digital assets has raised alarms for some of the firms that try to create FUD. Yet again Zeus Capital is trying to create a negative impact on Chainlink on the social media platform. 

Zeus Capital, recently offered multiple users on Twitter with thousands of followers to post information on Chainlink. According to some users, the firm offered some crypto payment to post unfavourable news about Chainlink.

Crypto trader and advisor, The Wolf of All Streets tweeted that Zeus Capital reached him through direct message. They offered money to post a negative comment about chainlink which he refused. Another crypto bull Josh Rager also received a similar offer but he simply ignored them. 

In a nutshell, we can summarize that Cardano, which has a very bigger community than Chainlink, can hit heights and also $10 billion market cap yet once again.

Besides, Chainlink which has performed very well with soaring prices in just a month could be a better asset to invest upon. However, one needs to carry out research and study the market before moving forward. 

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