Cardano Is All Set for the Highly-Anticipated Alonzo, Charles Hoskinson Gives Fresh Updates!


Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder, and CEO of IOHK provided an update on Alonzo’s progress on Wednesday (July 7), and everything appears to be on schedule.


Alonzo is right around the corner!

Cardano started the “Alonzo Blue” era last month, and now he’s getting ready to start the “Alonzo White” era, which was meant to start on July 5, but now looks like it’ll be July 12. 

The highly anticipated Alonzo phase will enable the network’s full smart contract capabilities. Cardano will finally be on the same footing with other programmable chains once it is released.

Hundreds of people are expected to join the Alonzo White network (which will run for 2-4 weeks). 

At the end of this month, the wallet backend will be fully integrated. 

In addition, Project Catalyst has financed hundreds of potentially useful DeFi apps. The Plutus Pioneer Program is being taught by over 1,500 developers.

Twitter Vs Hoskinson

Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, has recently become the subject of Twitter trolls, as year-old tweets highlighting estimates for the network’s adoption have failed to meet community expectations. 

It’s been about a year since Charles Hoskinson made his Cardano predictions on Twitter. Cardano’s founder envisioned hundreds of assets functioning on the network, as well as more widespread DApp deployments. There is also a slew of fascinating projects in the works, as well as several uses and applications for Cardano.

As a result, the Twitter community pounced on the news, emphasizing that no assets or DApps are currently running on the network. However, several members of the community including Hoskinson have responded to the critics, emphasizing the network’s success in specific regions.

To which Charles Hoskinson said,

“There are thousands of assets on Cardano. I guess you haven’t been paying attention. Tons of devs learning, training, writing. Lots of launch apps”.

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