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Cardano Partnership to Revolutionalise the Telecom, DeFi and NFT Space!


China’s deliberate attempt to dump the crypto market once again had an adverse effect on most of the cryptocurrency prices. Interestingly, Cardano price stood out and hurt the Chinese sentiments by holding tight to its strong support level. However, it is anticipated that its recent partnerships will help resume the ADA price to resume the bull season soon! 


Cardano entered a strategic partnership with Chainlink at the Cardano Summit held on 25th September. Moreover, this collab will allow developers to build smart contracts for Cardano DeFi applications by integrating blockchain oracles. Blockchain oracle is a third-party service that provides smart contracts with off-chain data.

IOHK Founder Charles Hoskinson said,

“IOHK is committed to providing developers with the most secure and robust tooling for building useful solutions on Cardano, making it an easy choice to integrate Chainlink’s market-leading oracle solution,” 

However, Cardano oracles introduced by Chainlink is looking forward to introducing Cross-chain interoperability with the Cardano ecosystem as a long-term goal. However, Oracles will even enable live market pricing feeds as well as real-time additional data feeds on weather and sports.

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Cardano’s Groundbreaking Partnership With Oasis Pro Markets!

Cardano ventured with Oasis pro markets on 27th September 2021, in order to build an alternative trading platform. This platform facilitates a cost-efficient and secure financing option for institutions or governmental organisations of developing countries.

Emurgo Announces $100 Million Investment in Cardano Ecosystem!  

Followed by escalating collabs and interest towards the Cardano blockchain, Emurgo, a blockchain company stepped up to invest $100 million in the Cardano ecosystem. The main aim of this investment is to speed up DeFi, NFT solutions and accelerate blockchain education. 

Cardano Ecosystem Expands to the Telecom World!

Cardano announced collaboration with Dish Network, a telecom service provider on 25th September 2021.  The motive behind the collab is to take the world of blockchain to the global telecoms. Moreover, this partnership has the strong potential to increase the community base. 

Collectively, the recent market crash didn’t have much impact on Cardano, Cardano summit helped the ADA price to hold tight to its support levels between $1.90 to $2.40. However, the ADA price could resume the bull season anytime soon, once developments come into effect. 

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