Canadian Authorities to impose the tax on Cryptocurrencies

Canadian tax obligations don’t exempt people who made money utilizing digital currencies. The taxes are implied on Canadian for income gain through virtual currencies. As cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum made users to gain currencies.

The word crypto comes from the Greek word for hidden. If User thinks to hide his virtual currency during taxing, the Canada Revenue Agency is going to take an action on him.

Obligations on digital currency

The CRA and Chartered accountants have cautioned residents to the pay tax on or before April 30 as filling deadline roles. Simon Mills, Self-taught cryptocurrency investor came with few steps to make the filing of his taxes. He says “I tracked all of my trades and I have a record of all of it.”

He is doing his research on Reddit threads and other social media outlets. As the number of cryptocurrency enthusiast in Toronto is flourishing, he asserts that there are more resources for information on the new technology which goes beyond online forums.

Further, He adds, “There’s a huge community in Toronto and it’s starting to spill into the real world with lots of cryptocurrency meetups and blockchain meetups.”

Bestowing to CRA, tax rules are applying to digital currency transactions which include the profits made with digital currencies.  The customers are not immune from tax obligations if they use digital currency.

Warren McCann, the Chartered Accountant, and partner at Kudlow & McCann Professional Corporation state that dealing with crypto clients this tax season was the talk of the office.

McCann’s obligation

McCann further states “Two years ago we didn’t see it at all, now we have multiple clients coming forward indicating they’ve made transactions with cryptocurrency”.

McCann claims that when the user sells or exchange cryptocurrency and realize a profit, he must report it for Canadian tax purposes. No matter where in the world the trading platform is because Canadian are been taxed on their worldwide income.

For many Canadians, this means reporting it on the personal return. It is claiming as a capital gain, 50 percent of which are taxable.

As per McCann, “It can be rather complicated obviously. Unfortunately, with many of the clients who have done it, they didn’t really realize the nature of keeping records.” Later he asserts, “It has been a bit of a challenge for them to go back and try to reconcile where the trades are and the amounts.”

Research on Cryptocurrency

McCann has made the biggest mistake as some of his clients have made is not keeping track of their trades. Unlike a broker account with a financial institution, crypto trades are not easily traceable.

McCann firmly says “You’re responsible as a Canadian taxpayer to keep records and report your income or expenses appropriately.”

McCann is pointing that trading cryptocurrencies within a tax-free savings account or RRSP are not allowed in the existing rules. These rules aren’t defined as eligible investments under Canada’s Income Tax Act.

McCann states that he read an online discussion about how to avoid paying tax on cryptocurrency transactions. He says the risk of investing it cryptocurrency is not worth it. He asserts “The tax authorities throughout the world are aware of the massive gains cryptocurrencies have recognized in 2017.” The Canadian authorities are imposing harsh penalties for not claiming income on cryptocurrencies earned.

Mills, investor of new currencies must consider these rules as important as putting the time into learning about new investment. McCann says, it is an ever-changing space, which is why it’s so exciting. These things might keep on changing and investors must make sure to fulfill the obligations before investing.

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Image Source:- Canadian Authorities

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