Can Justin Sun Change Warren Buffett’s View on Cryptocurrency?


From past few days, one of the hottest topics that are buzzing and hitting a lot of ears in the whole crypto ecosystem is about “Justin sun having lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett”.

Recently, founder and CEO of Tron blockchain, Justin sun won the charity auction and paid $4.75 million for the privilege of having lunch with billionaire investor and bitcoin pessimist Warren Buffett. Well, the interesting part was – Justin can bring as many as seven friends to dine with the billionaire investor at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York.

Meanwhile, the whole crypto world was wondering about – “ who might Justin invite to join the lunch”. Also, many crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors came up with a few names of great minds in the crypto world.

Litecoin Founder – Charlie Lee, Becomes the First Guest to Join the Lunch

On June 16, Justin announced Charlie Lee as the first guest to join the lunch with Warren Buffet via a twitter post.

Further, many crypto fanatics responded with kudos on his selection. It seems that most of them agree that Charlie Lee is an excellent choice of crypto ambassador on this epic lunch.

One of the well-known crypto enthusiasts – Tommy Mustache, reacted with a killer meme stating “Bitcoin is only risky to those who don’t understand it.”

Litecoin in Limelight

It is worth noting that, Litecoin price has been running a bull wave this year, drifting 357% against the US dollar in the past 6 months. According to the 1-month time frame, the sudden rise of litecoin price was due to the prediction of its block reward halving in two months. Thus, it would be interesting to see what new projects will charlie lee come up following the grand lunch. What’s your expectation from Litecoin Platform and Charlie?

Will this lunch take crypto industry to a new peak ?

Initially, many people in the crypto industry believed that Justin might use this lunch to only promote his product – Tron cryptocurrency. But, the crypto promotor assured the crypto fans that he will be representing the entire crypto ecosystem.

According to the reports of CCN, July 25 is set as the date for much-awaited lunch with billionaire investor Buffett. As it is quite evident Warren Buffet is not a fan of bitcoin. However, Justin sun is hoping to convince Buffet that Bitcoin represents a great opportunity. Moreover, investing in crypto will be big, just as Apple and Amazon once were.

On the other hand, Justin sun also admitted that he knows he can’t change Buffett’s mind in 3-hr lunch, but nonetheless, he hopes to offer him a different opinion and show him the progress crypto industry has made in the past 10 years. What’s your view, Can Justin Sun change Warren Buffett’s view on cryptocurrency?

The scenario of Warren Buffet After Meeting Great Minds of Crypto Lunch

Well, being positive, if Buffett changes his view on crypto,  he could play any role, he could investor, a trader, an influencer or endorse investment in the industry. Well, on the other hand, he could be neutral about the crypto industry or even he might continue to be a pessimist on it. However, we can hope as time passes, when the use cases are there and as the industry becomes more mature, he might be more positive about crypto and blockchain.

It will be interesting to see the next guest who will be joining the lunch? Well, I hope Anthony Pompliano and John McAfee are worth considering.  What’s your opinion, whom you think Justin sun should invite? Stay tuned to know more updates on this fancy lunch

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