Byzantium Ethereum’s hard fork is now officially tested

The first part of Ethereum’s hard fork- Byzantium has officially launched on Testnet. Considerably, it is a long-await Metropolis upgrade.

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Ropsten, an Ethereum testing environment which executes this morning and stimulates hard fork. Accordingly, it was expects to run for a few weeks of troubleshooting before the fork appears on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, to introduce in the Byzantium hard fork a nine trial of Ethereum Improvement Protocols is to be involved. The code updates will change to increase the functionality of the network while minimizing potential exploits. Additionally, it makes the way for novel cryptography on the Ethereum platform.

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Further, testing will be around three weeks wherein the Byzantium hard fork is likely to occur by October 9. Moreover, this is liable on the test that doesn’t cause unanticipated problems.

On September 8th, Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum says, he expects the period of testing about three to four weeks. Along with response, Peter Silagyi, developer states that the test may take less time, until “if things go wrong…. they will go wrong fast”.

The Ethereum developers are expects announce a formal date for the hard fork shortly provides everything according to plan.

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