BTT Airdrop Gives BitTorrent Great Height in the Crypto Markets 

BitTorrent has seen massive growth in this time period as compared to its recent drop. Justin Sun, the CEO at TRON is desperately supporting this platform and tokens.

The initial BTT airdrop held by the BitTorrent Inc. and Tron Foundation was set to distribute worth 1.1% of total token supply which was over 990,000,000,000. This specifies that an amount of 10.89 Billion BTT was ready to get distributed to the TRX holders. The statement also notes about token value at the time of airdrop were to be an influx of nearly 2,400 BTC of the tokens.

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There were a majority of investors and traders putting forth their two aspects for the token’s reaction due to the airdrop. The first was an instant influx of BTT from the airdrop facing massive sell which might dilute the token value.

Secondly, the crypto exchange and wallets handling the distribution might take some time to precede all the transactions regarding airdrop. However, this move might then open an opportunity for BTT to drive the markets as interest will raise demand from traders.

On the other side, BTT is valued of worth $0.00103 which is right now 40% from its previous low of over $0.0007329 experienced earlier in this month. Considering Satoshi, this specific token is raising from 20 Sats to its present value worth 29 Sats.

BTT Airdrop Gives BitTorrent Great Height

BTT Airdrop Distribution

As per the reports, distribution worth 10.89 Billion BTT over various exchanges and wallet platforms shows a bottleneck scenario. Some TRX holders have yet not retrieved their tokens from this airdrop. Moreover, Justin Sun earlier prompts TRX holders to verify their wallets with regards to BTT airdrop. His tweet reads:

We have done the airdrop so please check your wallet&account! Really appreciate the support from #TRON and #BitTorrent community! See you in the airdrop next month! The airdrop for next month will soon be released! #TRX $TRX #BTT $BTT

Meanwhile, there were multiple TRX holders remarking their concerns of not retrieving tokens. Then, Justin Sun assures about BTT airdrop to still be under process also that the tokens are yet on their way.

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