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BTC and YFI Competing to Be Exorbitant, Which Will Hit $50k First?


    The historical BTC bull run touched the highs above $47000 and the path to $50,000 appears to be imminent, occurring anytime from now

    The most disruptive DeFi token, YFI, on the contrary, gained immense momentum to rally above $47,000 with a drastic jump of more than $10,000 in a couple of days

    BTC and YFI both share more or less similar all-time high, therefore the race to $50,000 is expected to be more thrilling

YFI Breakout is Imminent!

YFI the governance and the native token of Yearn Finance platform is known to rally like a monster to attain the highest ever possible levels in a very short span of time. However, in the past few days, the YFI price was trending within a very narrow margin and also experienced more pullbacks than price boost. 


Currently, YFI priceexperienced a major break as the popular hedge funf Grayscale incorporated a YFI trust. According to one of the analysts, Galaxy, YFI price is all set to hit $150,000 as the YFI/BTC pair is ready to explode.

BTC or YFI? Which Has Token to Hit $50k First !

The YFI price was trending sideways during the Bitcoin bull run which has almost doubled the BTC price within a month. The Bitcoin price crossed YFI price and maintain a pretty large margin and it was anticipated that BTC will hit $50K any time as YFI price was still below $32,000 and BTC was already above $44,000.

But in the game plan completely flipped in the past couple of days, where YFI price rallied like a monster gaining more than $10,000 and approaching $47,000 strongly. The Bitcoin price is currently experiencing a dip due to the constant selling, however, YFI price appears to be very stubborn as plunges and pullbacks are just discarded in the ongoing bull rally.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin price stands at $47359 and YFI price is $47893. Bitcoin has lost nearly $1000 but YFI has gained more than $3000. Therefore, it is expected that the YFI price may flip BTC price anytime from now. But the most interesting race to hit $50,000 will be the most thrilling event in the crypto space.

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