BTC Hovers Around $11,000 AMPL, MONA Accrue Losses


    BTC gets ruthless, sheds about $1,800 in 2 days

    MONA appears on top losers for the first time since alt season began

    AMPL leads today's market losers with 15%

Amid a generally sideways moving crypto markets, some cryptocurrencies have chosen to nurture the downtrend. Among those that recorded notable losses are AMPL which lost about 15% in the last 24 hours.

Although bitcoin hasn’t moved much since yesterday, it is important to note that the top cryptocurrency has also lost about 8% in the last 2 days.

Today’s categories of top market performers enlist coins with notable price movements. This classification of coins brings to limelight how various coins are trending with the flow of the market and which ones are likely to continue.

Bitcoin (BTC):

This controversial coin once again has proven to be the most ruthless cryptocurrency in the space. In the last 48 hours, Bitcoin struggled to touch the long-awaited $12k only for it to undergo a flash crash back towards the $11k corner again. 

Bitcoin’s market emotion is still quite straightforward. The coin targets $13,000 level after successfully completing its ongoing price retracement. 

Bitcoin has enjoyed some decent gains in the last couple of days. Racing up the charts from under $10k to achieve around 25% in just few days, Bitcoin is now changing hands at $11,230 while it further struggles for a second bull run.

Ampleforth (AMPL 15%):

Coming second place today is AMPL. The top loser crypto continues its 3-days loss totally around 35%/

Around 8.9 of 10 (89%) of market respondents believe buying strength will skyrocket the price of AMPL within the next 24 hours.

AMPL, like the others on the list, had a good year, accruing gains up to 102.1%. Within the last seven days, however, the coin lost around 18% of its value. The accrued loss preceded two-week gains of 8.5% and the difference leaves the top gainer at profit. In the last hour, the coin is up by 2%.

Currently trading at $2.85, AMPL has a market capitalization of $310 million amid exchange volume values at $19 million on 24 hours average.

Mona Coin (MONA 3.76% Loss):

MONA is creating some friction lately. Coming second on our list, the coin lost around 4% in the past day. 

MONA’s market attitude is clearly uncertain with 50% positivities. Although a 50% uncertain community occurs, the market is likely going bullish from here on. 

MONA tokens struggled to be in gain within the last year. The token gained about 3% in the last year and is also up by around 17% in the last 30 days. The coin keeps recording gains into the moments with a 4% gain within the last 24 hours. 

Each MONA token is now being exchanged for $1.93 as the market capitalization grows to $140 million. 

Finally,  the market always seems to be different things to different coins. Today, the market wasn’t nice to BTC, MONA as well as AMPL. These coin, however, may be in the top gainer spot shortly, having completed their supposed price retracement.

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