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Latest Update- Exodus Crypto Wallet Adds NEO Support

Exodus is a renowned bitcoin desktop wallet application made an announcement of adding the support for NEO together with their existing optimizations on their platform.

Although users always generate GAS while using an NEO wallet, behind-the-scenes the setup will be present with accumulation. The team at Exodus is planning to look into GAS. Moreover, they are preparing on how it can support in a future release.

Additionally, optimizations in this release will monitor the asset wallets. Their balance now will get a display at the top listing for easy interface. Thereafter, every other wallet gets the same position in alphabetical order as it was before. Also, the new wallet gets a new feature apart from the previous ones- Search function.

Finally, the application is driving back their ability to visualize a total wallet balance value in bitcoin on the Portfolio tab. Now they also have little minor EOS optimization advancement which is fixable with EOS account creation.

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