Breadwallet Is Adding Support for Ethereum with an Airdrop

Breadwallet will, therefore, support three cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Token holders will get airdrop as the company celebrates successes of 2017. With SegWit support, the app lets people send crypto securely.  

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Bread will start supporting Ethereum starting this week according to the company update. The company will also offer airdrop for those participating in ICO as well as ERC20 functionalities — a now-closed group of beta testers who are holding ETH and BRD. The company held an ICO in December last year.

Additionally, token holders will enjoy the Rewards Waterfall program this month. The program will see users earn BRD tokens through various promotions and giveaways. There will also be special tiers of additional perks to users as they hold more tokens in their Bread Wallet Those holding 25,000 BRD or more will also be able to transact with Bitcoin without any fees for an entire month.

Support for Ethereum means the app will now support 3 cryptos in addition to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The team will then move on to test the additions before releasing them in the iOS and Android apps.

2017 successes

The app surpassed 1M downloads already and they say revenue went up by several hundred percents. Users are now able to buy Bitcoin with a limit of $20,000 USD with same day delivery through the app.

The company also supports initial SegWit capability where users can send Bitcoins to bech32 addresses and plans to launch full SegWit compatibility.

2018 Update: BreadWallet Q1

One among the team member, Aaron Lasher were thankful to loyal customers for their support and provided the upcoming details.

“The next release is targeted for the first week of April, when the app will fully support Ethereum, in addition to bitcoin and bitcoin cash, all decentralized. In April, ERC-20 token functionality will be made available exclusively to our current beta testers who are holding ETH and BRD, a group that is now closed to new applicants. We appreciate our most loyal users and want to enable them first access to these new features”.

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