Brad Garlinghouse Says Ripple Is Great For Banking

The price of Ripple XRP seems stable and ranging. As per Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple and XRP solutions are rewiring fundamentally, where low volume transaction is the reasons for the current market.

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    Today, we agree to the fundamentals along with technical candlestick analysis backs Ripple XRP. To experience a bull trigger, you need prices of XRP to pass out 34 cents of high transactional volumes. Boosting this demand must reveal to be positive fundamentals.

    Talking about the price of top cryptocurrencies, the prices are positive for the top 5 coins. Precisely, Bitcoin is trading over $3,599.79 price, Ethereum shows around $117.42 price, Ripple ranking on the second place trades around $0.317351 price.

    Price Analysis Of XRP

    1. Fundamentals

    Brad Garlinghouse seems to be right. The theory says the value of blockchain platform is directly proportional to their usefulness and demand.  Considering this main coin, Ripple is trying to draw its value and its have been quite successful.

    The network that grabs major requirements of global banks, Ripple system is much more safe and efficient. Its speed, efficiency, and transparency give this crypto an advantage over various platforms.

    During a CNBC panel meeting on the crypto future, Brad Garlinghouse mentions that Ripple solutions now offers an opportunity for banks adoption and to fundamentally rewire the working of modern financial infrastructure to the pre-funding:

    There is an opportunity to rewire how modern financial infrastructure works in the pre-funding fundamentally. You have about $10 trillion pre-funded to banks around the world to enable cross-border payments.

    According to Brad, a user can use that $10 trillion for other purposes, which seems beneficial for society. He believes that this will be great for the banking sector.  They are trying to re-wire. He says that this thing is lucky to hold around 200 banks already signed up. There is a long way to go.

    Ripple chart

    2. Technical Indicators

    As we all go net bullish, the ongoing volumes give the stable reason why prices are ranging between a 2 cents zone. Figuring out charts, volumes seems low, as its average is within 17 million which is nothing in comparison to the analysis of Jan 10, which was around 3 million as average at that time was 30 million. Drastically, profits above 34 cents support the volume exceeding 17 million along with 30 million as of Jan 14.

    Ripple Is Participating In Blockchain Research Scholarship Programme

    Recently, Ripple reveals its partnership with Tsinghua University along with establishing a Blockchain Technology. Research Scholarship Program aka BRSP specifically for a graduate in China within this year.

    According to the announcement, the BRSP aims at the development of blockchain technology as well as international regulatory policies.  Moreover, Students participating in a program to show cutting-edge research for global policies and regulations on blockchain technology.

    Tsinghua University

    They hold various opportunities to participate within the corporate visits and events. The Director of International Cooperation and Development working at Tsinghua University, Ivy Gao mentions:

    BRSP aims to help students have a comprehensive view of the latest international regulations on blockchain technology, and most importantly, I believe, this program would greatly help with their future research or career in the field of blockchain technology.

    Ripple has been always showing positivity towards partnership and innovations. They are partnering with universities to support and boost technical development, academic research, and innovation within the sectors of the blockchain, cryptocurrency along with digital payments.

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