Bovill Launches Global Crypto Offerings and Blockchain Tech

Bovill, which provides consultancy services in various countries around the world, is adding a service to offer blockchain and crypto consultancy including about developing KYC and AML guidelines, registering ICOs, and use of blockchain tech in auditing money laundering.  

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London headquartered consultancy Bovill has launched consultancy services for blockchain and cryptocurrency offering. The firm will now offer advice on Initial Coin Offerings and about use of blockchain technology in securing auditing against money laundering, in addition to other services.

On the new service package related to blockchain and cryptocurrency includes services such as analyses on specific regulatory frameworks in different countries, determining classification (or lack of classification) of token as security or platform as an exchange, developing regulatory policies and procedures with respect to the KYC and AML, and registering Initial Coin Offerings.

The company will offer these services to US based clients and global clients doing business in the US. These have diverse backgrounds as regulatory specialists, industry roles, ex-regulators, attorneys and others and this will help the company in offering the new service.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain team consists of Colin Darby, Managing Consultant, London; James Falvey, Consultant, Chicago; Gareth Parker, Consultant, London; Tobias Sproehnle, Consultant, London; Katie Pollock, Consultant, Chicago.

Increased interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency is leading to increased demand for consultancy among consultancy firms. This is so even as cryptocurrencies’ value continued to soar.

Chief Executive at Bovill Ben Blackett-Ord said cryptocurrencies and blockchain are revolutionizing global finance. However adding that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are “emerging asset class with real challenges”. Therefore, including unclear regulatory environment on a local, national, and international level.

“As with any disruptive technology, cryptocurrency and blockchain present tremendous opportunities while raising legal, regulatory and business challenges. Therefore, Bovill’s international reach matches that of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. And we are at well-position to respond to requests for assistance through our offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and North America”.

The firm started in 1999 and provides banks, insurance companies, regulators, brokers, wealth managers and FinTech. However, it has 80 teams of consultants in offices in the UK (London and Manchester), Singapore and Hong Kong.

What is your take on increased consultancy services for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?  Let us know. 

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