Boeing patent proposes blockchain-based anti-spoofing GPS system

Boeing has filed a patent suggesting how blockchain technology can help protect in-flight GPS receivers against spoofing.

Filed on Thursday last week to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the anti-spoofing GPS system would act as an onboard backup to the primary system. It also would be using if the primary system becomes unavailable or malfunctions.

GPS spoofing is the use of fake signals to trick receivers. And also could be using to confuse a GPS receiver about the actual location of other objects.

“The method further determines if the GPS signals, received by the GPS receiver. Are spoofing GPS signals and, then, retrieves position data from the block-chain storage module. If the GPS receiver is not receiving the GPS signals or is receiving spoofed GPS signals”.

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The proposal is a response to lack of fail-over technologies to verify data regarding vehicle location. This means if spoofing attacks occur, “navigators, air traffic controllers, and mission planners are unable to adjust and respond with confidence.”

The proposal contains a real-time and block-chain comparator that compares GPS-related signal data from the GPS receiver to a blockchain data from the blockchain storage module and a source validation module. Therefore, the anti-spoofing module will determine if the GPS signal is spoofing.

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