Blockstrem will soon Launch Bitcoin Satellites

Blockstream has announced that it will soon release the new product. Accordingly, the teaser video states that it wants to “connect everyone on the planet” under the restricted era of internet penetration. With the basic facts on Bitcoin, the video further shows a satellite orbiting Earth precisely.

Reddit community member suggests Bitcoin transactions broadcast via satellite.

“As [Elon Musk] & SpaceX revolutionized spaceflight, Blockstream will do the same for Bitcoin. It’s coming,” CSO Samson Mow via tweeter by linking to the video.

There is already debate goes on regarding official relationship amidst SpaceX and Blockstream, which shall proceed with the launch of thousands of satellites by 2019 into space.

Moreover, Mow stated today that “soon” there will be more information accordingly without escalating time.

In fact, the plan of launching Bitcoin relay satellites has initiated in the year 2014 by Core developer Jeff Garzik’s BitSat. But later falling silent. The project contains few of the well-known figures in Bitcoin including Greg Maxwell and Luke-jr for some portion of technical veracity. It is to consider that, Litecoin has already received company’s first ever Lightning Network transactions in May next to SegWit enablement from Altcoin.

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