Blockstream Launches Its Services Using A New Satellite

Blockstream blockchain company is preparing to launch a new satellite to offer its service using blockchain tech. They have been planning for the move since mid 2018.

Recently, Blockstream Blockchain Company reveals its next move which lifts it one step ahead. The platform desires to create the entire financial infrastructure of the coming future. They broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain backing its own systems for conversing and cryptocurrency transactions. There are the majority of firms performing the same, however, Blockstream has its own way.

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This blockchain company uses blockchain technology to perform the broadcasts. Moreover, its broadcast does not perform via cables or online network. There are a series of satellites that accomplishes the broadcast from space.

However, utilizing satellites makes Blockstream work independently. Additionally, the bonus is that their broadcast reaches the location without internet facility.

Blockstream Satellite

Blockstream Expanding Its Service to Asia and Australia

A few days back, Blockstream made a press release about adding fifth satellite to their network. With this release, the broadcast will now be able to reach a majority of location around space.

However, the existing satellite formation enables them to distribute their blockchain broadcasts around Europe, North/South America, and Africa. This new satellite will reach the Asia-Pacific region, along with India, Japan, China, Korean Peninsula, Australia. Currently, the areas without receiving service include,

  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Northern Canada
  • Eastern and the Middle East Europe
  • Somalia
  • Madagascar

To access the services via new satellite, Blockstream users will have to download their latest software via a company. Moreover, they probably need to realign their satellite dishes if any issues.

Blockstream New Satellite

Blockstream Messaging Service Access

Together with the fifth satellite Blockstream also reveals that users can now send communications over the service, and private messages. Dr. Adam Back, CEO at Blockstream says the launch of the Blockstream Satellite API represents the next step in global Bitcoin infrastructure.

This is initial time, people have open access to the entire broadcast medium external to the online network. Moreover, it is driving flexible message transmission and Bitcoin availability to the remotest locations.

Using the new expansion, Blockstream Satellite users can reach to around 90% of the market population with their messages. This move is only possible with the help of micropayments by Bitcoin as well as the Lightning Network.

Dr. Adam Back mentions that this service is live at the cost of Bitcoin microtransactions via Lightning Network. The incoming fund tends to go for supporting the project. The press release also emphasizes on transactions taking place on a per-kilobyte basis instead of including the cost. It is yet to decide as the services are not accessible until early January.

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