Einstein exchange partners with Ubiq to facilitate private blockchain data records

Shareholders of Einstein Capital Partners Ltd will have their records stored and managed on the blockchain. However,  following a partnership between the company and Ubiq blockchain company.

The project will help to merge traditional finance and record management on Einstein with emerging blockchain technology.

It will allow the company to track shareholder information and later make it possible to issue shares on the blockchain. This is according to Michael Gokturk, the CEO of Einstein Capital Partners.

The project will facilitate digital identity management and anti-money laundering compliance for Einstein. Since which is one of the largest exchanges in the US. It will also allow for management of corporate records transparently.

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Ubiq’s COO, Alex Sterk, said,

“Because the project will record beneficial ownership information privately on the Blockchain, it will also advance financial crime compliance and provide a roadmap for the potential revolution of corporate records.”

Ubiq is a smart contracts’ firm based out of Canada but with operations in over 20 countries.

In addition to simplifying management of trusted information, blockchain makes it easier for firms to use and access the information in a secure environment.

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