Blockchain Is Making Its Ways Wider Than Cryptocurrency

The blockchain is a technology which we're quite familiar with, right from launches to partnership. This seems an emerging tech exploring entire sectors and use cases around the space.

BitForex Exchange Joins The Blockchain leader NASGO  

BitForex aims to explore and widen their platform with extraordinary speed to become one amongst the world’s top most trading platforms.

The cryptocurrency space is now slightly shown in favor of NASGO, which is a global leader in the Blockchain technology advancement. Earlier this week, NASGO officially launches while partnering with the BitForex exchange, basically an EFT platform located at Singapore.

Partnership- Wanchain, Telefonica, Rivetz To Launch A Mobile Blockchain Security Solutions

Rivetz is a known provider regarding mobile and blockchain security solutions. On the other hand, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit recently reveals that they are adding a new member for developing this Mobile security projects.

In a news release, Telefonica’s ElevenPaths and Rivetz introduces their new partner Wanchain blockchain company to aid in offering privacy protections in terms of mobile technology. Wanchain is a public blockchain which is designed specifically for interoperability, which will improve the ongoing cybersecurity protections.

MIT Professor Silvio Micali Winds His Hopes On Blockchain Tech

The Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT, Silvio Micali believes that blockchain development on a global scale will reflect in the creation of a truly borderless economy.

The MIT professor elaborates that blockchain technology needs three concurrent functioning systems to pave the way for an exclusive global economy.

It seems that other firms are focusing on the technological benefits of blockchain technology along with cryptocurrency, specifically within Fintech and banking sector, Micali expects the true innovation lies in its security levels, providing availability in decentralized systems.

Zhiyuan Hui Volunteer Platform Will Roll Out Blockchain DApp

Zhiyuan Hui, Chinese non-profit which is the world’s biggest volunteer service platform reveals its partnership with EveriToken, basically a token economy infrastructure company. An official blog post by EveriToken revealed the news.

Zhiyuan Hui plans to establish a transparent volunteer tracking platform right on the EveriToken public blockchain. This will help tackle the astonishing volume relating users and service hours.

Ride-Hailing Blockchain App Tada Starts in Vietnam

Yesterday, Tada, the blockchain operating ride-hailing app opens its operations in Vietnam following previous expansions within Cambodia.

Tada is basically a blockchain technology ride app which recently experienced quite good expansion. Now, they have started their operations in Cambodia by 2018, and now they planned to open their services in Vietnam.

They are thinking a level up and its company is located in Singapore having its parent company. Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL), a South Korean start-up makes its entry in third south-east Asian market.

Daseke Will Now Be Working With Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Daseke is the largest flatbed, specialized company in the sector of transportation and logistics solutions in North America. Recently, it joins the Blockchain Technology in Transport Alliance also familiar as BiTA which is an industry group developing standards. Also encourages the effective use of new emerging techs.

According to BiTA, the Blockchain technology allows transactions identity and tracks digitally shared network of computers. This tech also provides opportunities for freight firms including Daseke to establish emerging revenue streams and customers value.

While joining BiTA, the company Daseke will stance at the forefront to shape up the development. Also, further deploys blockchain technology in trucking and logistics.

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