Can Blockchain Technology Release People Stuck in Modern Slavery?

Global blockchain solutions and financial services company, Diginex, teams up with anti-slavery firm, The Mekong Club to solve specific inequities within modern slavery using blockchain technology


The company plans on using technology to solve specific inequities within modern slavery. Over time, when blockchain comes up, most people think of cryptocurrencies. This is something Mark Blick, Head of Government Solutions at Diginex, plans on changing.


Diginex is a global blockchain solution and financial services company. It renders digital asset management and infrastructure support for transactions with blockchain. The financial services company also works with governments and NGOs around the globe. It designs and implements blockchain projects for the public sector. It does this over a wide range of applications.

Partnership Against Slavery

The global blockchain solutions company has partnered with the anti-slavery organization, The Mekong Club. The plan is to use blockchain-enabled systems to select and eliminate supply-chain inequities. The partnership is expected to help more than 40 million people. This includes a lot of migrant workers.

Issues relating to slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking are prevalent. But, their process is often contractual. This brings about the need for a digital system. The system is expected to hold records of currency transactions, either Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Mark Blick, Diginex using blockchain technology

These records will allow the contractual details and the workers whereabouts to be properly recorded on the blockchain. It will also be available for all to see. According to the C.E.O Soric International, Mark Blick, Diginex is using blockchain technology to solve issues with modern slavery. It is particularly focusing on contracting and transparency around fees.

The partnership between Diginex and Mekong Club brings about project work with some organizations. They include the likes of the UN, NGOs and some academics. Their aim is to find out how a distributed ledger can best combat slavery, child labor, and unfair working practices. They also have to build blockchain-enabled voting solutions for governments and organizations in mind.

Documentation and Proper Data Management

The project will make use of data to help companies track the migration of workers. It will also compile the associated costs forced upon workers. By coming together with NGOs, academics, and auditors, the progress of the project will be boosted.

Documentation blockchain

They will function on the ground of proper understanding of key issues. They can thereby create a mobile application to ensure contracts and documentation maintenance. The documents will be maintained in their original form. It will also help prevent migrants from falling into the modern slavery trap.

Most migrant workers are usually vulnerable to outside parties. They are often subject to changes in employment contracts due to change in location. They may also be denied access to their original contracts upon arrival at their guest country. This usually results in lower pay and longer hours.

They regularly subject to high charges for transport, accommodation, and recruitment. Sometimes, they may have their passports and identity documents taken from them.

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