How Will Blockchain Course Spark The Blockchain Technology Ecosystem?

Blockchain Technology is moving beyond the hype and literally knocking on every industry to enable disruption.

There is a blockchain technology training program available for young women aging between 7 to 17 years. This particular program contains a blockchain curriculum holding three lessons namely-

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  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. Problem-solving for user experience
  3. Important things about blockchain

The motto of this program serves to be a student’s entry gate looking to enter the blockchain world. ConsenSys Blockchain Company belongs to the Brooklyn. This firm joins with Black Girls Code developing this program.

Black Girls Code Education on Blockchain

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Black Girls Code is basically a non-profit organization offering education on technology for African-American girls. Moreover, the program is about the theoretical curriculum and will ensure students engagement in some leading blockchain developer conferences operating from Device Console to Ethereal that will drive their ideas within a practice.

The students can now learn how to create own smart contracts along with digital currencies via curriculum. This program also introduces the basics of blockchain technology for over 60 young women of color.

Currently, the partners are deciding on enhancing the number of students for this coming New Year. The existing partners are partnering with other partners including the Ethereum Community Fund, the Human Rights Foundation, and the Ethereum Foundation to provoke the growth of the program.

Moreover, Black Girls Code is targeting to form the “Girl Scouts” of technology. Furthermore, the organization is planning to train over 1 million young women by 2040.

Blockchain Learning Group is said to be one amongst the blockchain programs focusing to systemize themselves in space. Also, the program offers blockchain training to top executives along with engineers to get their ability boost up.

As they can now onwards initiate building their apps over various blockchains. However, it also goes in hand with schools that desire to create future leaders within this blockchain space. Till date, they have operated with different high schools educating girls. One of the excited students says about this program:

Through the immersive hands-on experience Blockchain Learning Group provided me, I am now able to confidently construct my very own decentralized applications and program Solidity smart contracts with confidence. The workshops were extremely useful and only made me more excited about Blockchain technology and its potential.

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